Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

WOW. I can't believe I have let it go this long, since I have updated! I am so sorry about that. I know you have missed me greatly!

I am trying to think what all I have been up to as far as cooking and baking since the last post.

Well, for starters, I made these lovely breaded and baked chicken drumsticks. The recipe came from

They were so easy to make and were very tasty. All you really had to do was to mix up some stuff and roll the drumsticks around in this stuff:

If I can remember, I believe we had these the night that our friends Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard came over. Yes. That is what it was.

The menu for that evening was:

!) Breaded and Baked Drumsticks
2) Pasta Salad ( the one that I have referenced about before)
3) Oreo NO BAKE pie.

One thing about the Oreo NO BAKE pie. After you have let it refrigerate in order to harden, make sure you follow the directions on the box about how to serve it. I didn't realize it would harden as quickly as it did, and it was a pain trying to serve it. I guess that is why they put things like directions on boxes, huh?

So, moving on. Oh yes, there has been a FAIL in my cooking and baking experience.

This is the culprit:

I am not going to say much, but it was not good.

Now, let's continue moving on. We were invited to hang out with some friends from church the other weekend and I wanted to make a desert. (of course, right?) So I searched and searched and brainstormed of what to make. I really wanted it to be good and tasty, but yet easy and cheap all at the same time.... So I found a recipe for Chocolate Chip and Walnut cookie brownie things, at this website :

Here is the batter before it got baked:

They were quite tasty!

Ok, two things:

1) I am not good at taking "after" pictures of my cooking and baking
2) The pan I used to bake the cookie brownie things, is apart of the Martha Stewart collection.

So, that is it for now. I have other things that will be posted soon!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spider Cupcakes!

So, I was going some research on a favorite website of mine,, and found some cupcakes that I wanted to try and make for Halloween.

I took the easier way out and just made them from the box, with store bought icing. The website calls to actually make them from scratch, but I just didn't do it. I found my way a little bit easier and it saved some more time.

So this is what I used.

1) A box of cake mix
2) A tub of icing
3) chocolate sprinkles (i love sprinkles)
4) Mini M&M's
5) Twizzler pull and peels. (The recipe called for Licorice wheels and I believe you have to special order these)

So, that is what I used to make these lovely creatures:

They are all in a pack...

That's the big daddy in the front!

He tried to get away, but I got him :)

Well, that is really it for my spider cupcakes. They were quite tasty.

Until next time.....