Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cosby and Guacamole!

So, The Cosby Show has now become instant on Netflix. All Seasons!

I, of course, was watching it yesterday, and the episode of Claire trying to get into her dress to go to Cliff's hospital benefit came on. She was working out hard, and trying to diet so she could fit in the dress. Well Cliff, comes in and tries to get Claire to eat her favorite food, Mexican. He kept talking about how good the food was, and how good guacamole would be, and that got me. I said to myself, YES! that would be amazing right now. (it is amazing what the power of persuasion can do to a person)

So, I proceed to google guacamole recipes and came across this one:

I then hurry my little self over to Bloom, our local grocery store, and get all excited about making this stuff. I had never made it by hand, and it wasn't really until recently that I started to like guacamole. I always thought it had a weird texture. Man, am I glad my taste buds changed!

The recipe is really simple, and has really healthy ingredients. One thing I learned while shopping at Bloom, is that a ripe avocado is almost black looking. It is "squishy" to the touch as well. When I say squishy, I guess I really mean soft. So, look for an almost black avocado when you are getting them.

I also recommend, if you can, buying pre-diced onions. AMAZING! Now, my hands don't have to stink. All of the work is done for you.

Thank you Cosby, for inspiring the making of the guac.

This post is dedicated to boots. you know who you are. :)